MYDASS Research Group of the University of Granada, TIC-230.

Main Research Lines

Some of our main lines of research that constitute our perspective of research work.

  • Usability and Accessibility

    Solidarity with all kinds of user profiles that can get to consult it, with the intention of not leaving anyone out because they are unable to use a website.

  • e-Health

    Tools used in prevention, diagnosis, monitoring and management of the health system that improve its efficiency and save costs.

  • Special Education

    An educational system is of higher quality when it is able to serve its students with special educational needs in the best possible way.

  • Interactive and Collaborative Systems

    Any system in which person and machine interact and depend on the actions of one or more users to perform a task.

  • Semantic Web and Ontologies

    Technologies for publishing data readable by computer applications that describe their content, meaning and relationship.

  • Requirements and Software Engineering

    Understands the exact needs of the users of a system and translates them to precise functions and actions that will be used in the development of it.

Our latest Projects

Most recent projects related to our research and transfer.


Aplicación accesible para mostrar información y guiar en edificios de la UGR

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Acceso Universal a Museos Andaluces a Través de la Traducción

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Software de estimulación para la atención temprana, en niños con ceguera y baja visión, usando dispositivos móviles con pantalla táctil

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Who forms MYDASS

MYDASS is a research group of the University of Granada of the Department of Computer Languages and Systems (LSI).